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Drapery Hardware

At Creative Window Designs, we consider side panels, drapery, and hardware to be the most decorative window treatment option. Drapery works wonderfully as an insulating barrier for your home and can be paired with other window treatments for a luxurious layering effect. In addition to the stunning curtains, we also carry a selection of exquisite hardware, including curtain rods, finials, rings, wands, and tiebacks. We believe that high-quality products provide a better value for our customers, and that is why we carry drapery from Hunter Douglas and hardware options from AriA® Metal Hardware and Xentric Custom Drapery Hardware.

Bedroom with grey walls, long white curtains and metal blinds

Our Drapery & Side Panels

Whether you are looking for sheer curtains, blackout curtains, or anything in between, the fabric collection for Hunter Douglas Design Studio™ Sides Panels & Drapery has what you want. There are a rainbow of color options, patterns, textures, and artisanal embroideries. Hunter Douglas has partnered with top designers Rebecca Atwood, Marcia Bronkar, and Seema Krish to create an elevated curated fabric collection.

Once you’ve chosen the perfect fabric, you will also want to decide between side panels and drapery. If you currently have blinds or shades that you like, perhaps side panels would be best for you. These immobile fabric curtains can add a decorative accent and block out any light that might seep around the edges of your current window treatment. Drapery and curtains traverse along a rod and will close over your entire window. They add richness to a room and are a perfect option for sliding glass doors.

Our Hardware

A set of drapery hardware is made from several different elements. At Creative Window Designs, we carry hardware options from AriA® and Xentric. Each brand offers various material and design options so you can find the best curtain rod, traverse track, bracket, finial, ring, wand, and tieback for your home.

Hunter Douglas Design Studio™ Sides Panels & Drapery, Drapery and Hardware near Costa Mesa, California (CA)

Curtain Rods

The most common way to hang drapery and side panels is on a traditional curtain rod. Drapery is attached to the rod either with rings or by sliding the rod through a fabric pocket. At Creative Window Designs, we carry curtain rods made of metal, wood, and acrylic. When selecting your rod, you want to make sure the diameter fits your curtain or rings and choose the correct shape. We offer round, square, rectangular, and twist curtain rods.

Traverse Tracks

Traverse track systems are composed of small, hooked wheels moving along a track. The hardware is hidden inside the rail, making this system great for mounting from the ceiling or over taller windows. Traverse tracks are also great for separating spaces or as closet doors.


These pieces of wood or metal are the hardware that holds your curtain rod or traverse track in place. It is best to select brackets that match your curtain rods, but sometimes choosing a contrasting color can add a dramatic flair to your windows. You also want to think about where you are mounting your drapery as there are different types of brackets inside the window frame, on the wall above the window, and on the ceiling. You can also choose a double bracket to hang two curtain rods or select decorative brackets that feature flowers, leaves, or other artistic accents.

Finials & End Caps

These decorative elements are used to finish the ends of curtain rods. End caps are often flat stoppers that match the rod perfectly. On the other hand, finials are often very decorative. Our selection of finials includes spheres, cubes, crystals, leaves, flowers, branches, and other artistic carvings and designs. We carry finials made of metal, wood, acrylic, and glass.

AriA® Metal Hardware, Xentric Custom Drapery Hardware, Drapery, Hardware, Curtains near Costa Mesa, California (CA)


Rings connect your drapery to the curtain rod and allow the curtain to open and close. When selecting rings, you want to choose the correct size and shape for your curtain rod. We carry a selection of rungs that perfectly match our curtain rod selection.


Wands usually hang on one side of the curtain and are used to pull the drapery back and forth across the window. Our wands are designed to match the curtain rods and are available as plain thin rods or with decorative elements.


You use a tieback to keep drapery off to the side when open or to hold stationary side panels for a more decorative look. We carry both tieback buttons, which are great for curtains that come with a fabric tieback, and tieback hooks that can hold the entire curtain. You also can choose simple or decorative elements for your tiebacks.

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When you are ready to pick out the perfect drapery and hardware for your home, come to Creative Window Designs. Our expert team would love to show you all of our options. You can call us at (714) 966-1383 or contact us online to request a consultation. Creative Window Designs has proudly served Southern California for over ten years. We are located in Costa Mesa, California, and proudly serve the surrounding area, including Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, Laguna Beach, Corona Del Mar, and Irvine.

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